Development of electric wheelchair attachment started as a quest for improvement of moving around in a wheelchair.

Slobodan and Robert, founders of RTS MEDICAL d.o.o. company have been wheelchair users for many years. Robert has been a wheelchair user for 16 years and Slobodan  for 25 years, so they both know what use of a wheelchair is about.

6 years ago they started a B2C company of medicine devices for incontinence, and in the process they started with the idea of creating a mobility product, that will satisfy all users needs with its quality, technical perfection and modern design. That was the birth of SPEED3X RS. Eventualy SPEED3X RS was developed and produced by a group of mechanic engineers and wheelchair users together, using reach experience and knowledge from both sides.

Attaching SPEED3X RS to the wheelchair is simple and the use of SPEED3X RS facilitates movement of wheelchair users. It can be used in everyday life, or to overcome bigger distances.