SPEED3X RS DOUBLE gives up how it got it’s name just by looking at it. It is equipped with two batteries that enables extremely long range – up to 140 km. 16'' wheel makes sure the ride is more comfortable, be it on asphalt, grass or gravel terrene. Even slopes can’t stop it.

DOUBLE, like all our models, has a Li-ion battery. This means it can be charged at any time. Beside that the battery can be also detached from the rest of this power add-on for more practicality. When braking the battery is self-charging.DOUBLE is equipped with hydraulic double disc brakes, reverse gear and cruise control as well.


Motor: 500 W

Hydraulic double disc brakes

Weight without battery: 15 kg

2x Li-ion battery 48 V/14 Ah

Velocity: limited to 25 km/h

Range up to 140 km/h

16 inch wheel

Cruise control

Reverse gear

LCD display