SPEED3X RS JUNIOR is for kids. Becaused of safety reasons we limited the speed to up to 15 km/h. In order to kame this model as light as possible we took inspiration from our MINI model. That means we made our JUNIOR model foldable as well. There for thisn model does not take up much space and it's very convinient for transport. 


JUNIOR , like all our models, has a Li-ion battery. This means it can be charged at any time. Beside that the battery can be also detached from the rest of this power add-on for more practicality. When braking the battery is self-charging. JUNIOR is equipped with hydraulic double disc brakes, reverse gear and cruise control as well.


Motor: 350 W

Hydraulic double disc brakes

Weight without battery: 10 kg

Velocity: limited to 15 km/h

Li-ion battery 48 V/14 Ah

Range up to 70 km/h

10 inch wheel

Cruise control

Reverse gear

LCD display